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Energy Management

We can provide energy management solutions for all sizes of projects.

From small single phase instillation to multi-phase multi occupancy buildings we have you covered.


Understanding how much, when and by what is the key to curbing energy usage. When you receive a power bill it will give you a total for energy used during that billing period. You are not able to see when and where that power is being used.


By installing a tailored energy management system you are able to see when and where you use electricity ultimately giving you more control and understanding of your buildings energy usage. In the end that means it can save you dollars on your next bill!


Follow the link below to receive 'Energy Cut' your free guide to reducing your energy usage!




1 - Home Hub Kit (supply and install) $220* including GST

(Lan cable + SAA adaptor + transmitter + CT) Perfect for home or single phase office!

Extra CT (current transformer- for multi-phase insulations) - $15 each including GST


System includes installation and connection to existing network to connect to internet web browser where you can access your power usage information from anywhere!

*Conditions apply - please call for more information

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