How to reset an RCD

A common question we get asked is how do I reset my RCD (Safety switch).

RE-setting an RCD (safety switch) or circuit breaker in your switchboard can be a very simple process. Circuit breakers and RCDs (safety switches) have an on and off position. To reset to the on position simply move the switch to the on position.

If the RCD or circuit breaker will not return to the on position it means there is still a fault present in the circuit, and we need to clear the fault before we can turn it on again. The fault will either be in the wiring of the circuit or an appliance connected to the circuit (toaster, ketal, iron, outdoor pump, ect).

To eliminate an appliance being the fault we then unplug all appliances connected to the circuit that is off. It is important to unplug and not just turn off the power point because the neutral side of the plug will still be connected to the power point.

Once you have done this return to the Switchboard, try to reset the Circuit Breaker or RCD to the on position.

If it returns to the on position one of the appliances you have unplugged has a fault. If it still will not reset then there could be a fault with the wiring in the house, we suggest and this stage to give your electrician a call.

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